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Tháng 6/2011, trong chuyến thăm đầu tiên đến Việt Nam, GS. TS. Raef Lawson, Phó Chủ Tịch Hiệp Hội Kế Toán Quản Trị Hoa Kỳ IMA/CMA đã đến thăm Smart Train và trao đổi các cơ hội hợp tác giữa IMA/CMA với Smart Train. Sau chuyến thăm Việt Nam này, IMA/CMA đã có bài viết đăng trên website của mình...

Bài viết bên dưới được trích nguồn từ:

A recent visit to Vietnam by two IMA® leaders is helping to identify opportunities and increase awareness about management accounting in this emerging market.

Like many of its neighbors in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is undergoing a virtual transformation of its economy. Not fewer than 50 years ago, the country’s economy primarily depended on wet rice cultivation by individual farmers, a way of life that changed dramatically following the Vietnam War. Today, Vietnam has shifted to a Socialist-oriented market economy, where the manufacturing, information technology, high-tech, and oil industries form a growing segment of the national GDP.

In such a climate, the demand in Vietnam for professionals with management accounting skills is rising. To increase awareness in Vietnam about the practice and benefits of management accounting and the importance of CMA® certification, Raef Lawson, Ph.D., CMA, CPA and Vairam Arunachalam, Ph.D., CMA in June spent a week there. Dr. Lawson serves as IMA vice president of research and professor-in-residence. Dr. Arunachalam is director of the School of Accountancy at the University of Missouri, who has past teaching experience in Vietnam. He is also the current chair of IMA’s Foundation for Applied Research (FAR) and is a past member of IMA’s Global Board of Directors.

One of the highlights of the trip was a meeting with the managing director of Smart Train, a leading certification review course provider in Vietnam. Partnering with review course providers, says Dr. Lawson, will enable IMA to effectively deliver the CMA in this emerging market.

“In all parts of the world, IMA’s network of review course providers do more than just prepare individuals to take the CMA,” he said. “Our review course providers also help to market the exam and get individuals connected with the exam testing centers. In that way, they serve to both promote and increase awareness about certification. We were very pleased with the results of this visit, which helped to lay the groundwork for a relationship with this important potential partner.”

(left to right): Pham Ngoc Hoang Thanh, managing director of Smart Train; Raef Lawson, IMA vice president of research and professor-in-residence; Prof. Dr. Dang Van Thanh, president of the Vietnam Association of Accountants and Auditors and Member of the Vietnam National Assembly; and Pro. Vairam Arunachalam, chair of the Accounting Department at the University of Missouri and IMA FAR Chair, met in Ho Chi Minh City to discuss IMA’s role in expanding the field of management accounting in Vietnam.

Drs. Lawson and Arunachalam also met with a representative of the Vietnam Association of Accountants and Auditors and the Vietnam National Assembly. They also met with the faculty of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology to explore incorporating the management accounting Body of Knowledge into the school’s curriculum.

In addition, the visit included meetings at six enterprises in the Ho Chi Minh City area, where Drs. Lawson and Arunachalam discussed how to expand the practice of management accounting in Vietnam.

“Vietnam is experiencing the same kind of economic shift that is happening in the People’s Republic of China – namely, the movement to a market economy where state-owned enterprises would benefit greatly from implementing management accounting principles. IMA is committed to increasing awareness of management accounting in Vietnam, as well as to increasing the number of certified professionals there, which can only serve to help improve the country’s economic success,” said Dr. Lawson.

In tandem with their recent visit, Drs. Lawson and Arunachalam recently began a research study of Vietnamese management accounting and corporate governance practices. The results of that study will help IMA identify other potential opportunities and next steps in Vietnam.

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